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Single trip Texel-Vlieland v.v.

You want a one-way trip to Vlieland with or without a bike? Or the other way around, from Vlieland to Texel?
You can, and it is a beautiful adventure! We leave from Texel to Vlieland for the single trip.  Our boat brings you with or without your bikes to the harbor on Vlieland. The trip will take around 1,5 hour.

If you come from Vlieland, you also go form the harbor of Oost Vlieland

We leave on Vlieland at the spot you see the X


Departure days en Resevation: Book online your Single trip from Texel to Vlieland or Single trip from Vlieland to Texel. If you want to bring a bicycle trailer, you must also make a separat resevation for the trailer. 

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