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Daytrip from Texel to Vlieland

A day trip from Texel to Vlieland is a unique experience! Through the famous wooden pier you go on ‘De Vriendschap’ in the morning. After a beautiful boat trip you arrive on the Vliehors, the largest sand plain of Northwest Europe, also known as the Sahara of the North. From there the Vliehors Express brings to the Posthuys, the beginning of the “inhabited” world, where you can rent a bike, walk or take the bus to explore the cozy island and village of Vlieland. The ride in the Vliehors Express is included in the price. 
When you leave in the morning from Texel then in the afternoon at 5.15 pm you make the return trip to Texel at the Posthuys, an hour later you are back on Texel.

See here for all the scheduled daytours to Vlieland. You can book and pay online or pick up a ticket by De Noorman, located at Volharidng 2a, De Cocksdorp. Make sure to book in advance, daytrips sell out most off the time.