Single trip Texel-Vlieland v.v.

You want a one-way trip to Vlieland with or without a bike? Or the other way around, from Vlieland to Texel?
You can, and it is a beautiful adventure!

How nice that you are going on a one-way trip from Texel to Vlieland. You will embark on De Vriendschap via the famous wooden jetty and depart to the beach of Vlieland. De Vriendschap brings you to Vlieland with or without bicycles. Peace, fresh sea breeze and beautiful views make it a wonderful experience. Get away from it all and enjoy nature. The cruise takes about 30 minutes, on the bach you hop on a big truck Vliehors Expres and it will bring you in 30 minutes to Het Posthuys. In total the trip will take 1 hour.

Or you leave form Vlieland at Het Posthuys and the truck Vliehors Expres wil bring you to the beach. 


Adult € 29.50
Children 3 to 10 years € 17.50
Children under 3 years free
Bicycle € 12.50
Bicycle trailer € 12.50
Tandem € 30.00
Cargo bike (only possible in consultation) € 30.00

Current Departures & Reservations:You can book and pay online: Book online your Single trip from Texel to Vlieland or Single trip from Vlieland to Texel. 

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