Sandbank Excursion

The Friendship is the only passenger ship in a unique part of the Wadden Sea. The sea  between Texel and Vlieland is famous and notorious among seafarers. Treacherous soils, strong currents and an ever-changing coastline make it an exciting stretch of sea. Our experienced skippers know the gullies like the back of their hand and they know where to find the most beautiful spots on the sandbanks. They are happy to take you on a special trip to the sandbank.

When we arrive at the sandbank we go off ship. With your feet on the bottom of the mudflats is a unique experience, the bank falls dry for a few hours a day, as soon as the water is off the sand, we see a rich life at the bottom of the sea. The guide will talk about life at the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

For children we have fishingnets and buckets, they can enjoy themselves on the edge of the plate. After an hour on the sandbank we go back on ship again. Children can take their catch on board for the living box. The guide will then explain what has been found.

In good weather you can choose to go barefoot or bring a pair of extra shoes that can get dirty from the swallow. The trip takes about 2 hours in total. The tours are scheduled based on the tide (high and low tide) and we offer morning, afternoon and evening tours. Check the agenda for departure days and departure times.

Adult € 22,50
Children 3 to 10 years € 17,50
Children under 3 years free

Departure times & Reservations:
You can book and pay online: Sandbank Excursion 

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